Videos from CPA Consumption Tax Briefing

June 03, 2014

CPA held a briefing at the National Press Club on May 21, 2014 entitled “How Foreign Consumption Taxes Price American Businesses Out of the Export Market.”

There were three presentations:  Dr. Peter Morici (Univ. of MD) spoke about adding a consumption tax and drastically reducing income taxes.  Burl Finklestein (CPA Board and VP of Operations, Kason Industries) discussed how his company is disadvantaged in international trade when facing foreign competitors in countries with consumption taxes.  Michael DiRoma (QGA Public Affairs) related how three other countries – Australia, Canada and India – went about implementing their consumption tax systems.

The videos of the presentations are below.

Peter Morici’s video is missing the first part, but gets most of it.

Burl Finklestein’s presentation is next.

Here is Michael DiRoma’s presentation.


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