War Room Pandemic Ep 200 - The Alliance of Liberty

May 29, 2020

Editor's Note: CPA chairman, Dan DiMicco discusses the re-domestication of American manufacturing with Steve Bannon. Dan's interview starts at the 2:30 minute mark. Follow Dan on Twitter @DanRDimicco

[Steve Bannon | May 28, 2020 | War Room Pandemic]

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  • James Bertolone
    Talk about missing the forest for the trees! One does not support Mussolini because you think he is better on trade . Trump has damaged our democratic institutions and the rule of law . It is only because our democracy is stronger than Italy or Germany in the 1930’s that it isn’t worse . Yes , China has cheated , especially on steel and aluminum , and the two presidents before him put Tariffs on those items . They do not produce their state subsidized steel to meet international demand , but produce millions of tons exceeding demand to wipe out these industries in other countries that make steel and aluminum . As for intellectual property and patents , I saw this as a kid in the 1950’s with Japan . If you put your factories and R & D in China , they will easily learn what goes in the product and how to make it . Multiple generations spent $10 trillion on the Cold War , much of it enriching the corporate execs , big stockholders , and bankers in the Military Industrial complex , and all of a sudden it was okay to move production to a Communist dictatorship because they could cash in on dollar an hour labor . China did not put a gun to the head of American manufacturers and bankers to move to China . Trump would not use the Domestic Production Act to force domestic production of medical supplies putting Americans back to work because the Chamber of Commerce and the bankers did not want him to . They wanted not the lowest responsible domestic bidder , but to use their cheap labor off shore supply lines and have states compete to bid up the prices . Then there is the Trump corporate tax cut . Now profits from off shore production pay half the 21% tax rate of domestic production , 10.5 % . Trump , outside of being a fascist bigot , is a loyal member of the rich and not the answer , but the problem .