Recent articles by Warren Platts

  • Inflation Undershoots Again in May —Tariff Effect Nowhere To Be Seen

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Chief Economist This morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) published the May consumer price index, and once again inflation has undershot Wall Street expectations.  Read more
  • CPA Op-ed: Too Much Foreign Capital is Hurting America's Economy

    The current trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing are more than a year in the making. Op-ed by Michael Stumo, originally appeared in The Columbus Dispatch on March 12, 2019 Read more
  • Press Release: US Goods Trade Deficit Hits Major New Record in 2018

    Overvalued dollar drives record US deficits with China, rest of world Washington. Annual data released this morning by the Commerce Department shows that America’s overall trade balance continued to worsen in 2018. Not only did the United States record its highest-ever global trade deficit in goods—at $891.3 billion—but the annual goods deficit with China soared to a stunning new record of $419.2 billion.  Read more
  • CPA Op-ed: The verdict is in: Trump's tariffs are working 'bigly'

    U.S. manufacturing is once again in the news. New data shows America’s factories adding 261,000 jobs from January 2018 to January 2019. In the State of the Union, President Trump emphasized the urgency of confronting predatory trade from countries like China.... Read more
  • CPA Op-Ed: Next, President Donald Trump Should Tackle America’s Overvalued Dollar

    President Trump’s decisive actions on trade with China are a long time in coming because U.S. manufacturers have struggled for years against heavily subsidized competition from China. Op-ed by Michael Stumo originally appeared in LifeZette on October 27, 2018 Read more
  • Steel & Aluminum Tariffs Produce Minimal Impact on Jobs, GDP

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Research Director CPA Economic Model Refutes Alarmist Trade Partnership Study A Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) modeling study of the impact of the Section 232 tariffs on the U.S. economy shows minimal national macroeconomic impact of the tariffs. The study shows that U.S. GDP would fall by 8/1000s of 1 percent of GDP, or $1.4 billion. Economy-wide net job gains or losses would be negligible as the 19,000 jobs gained in the steel and aluminum sectors would largely offset any job losses in metal–consuming industries.  Read more