Weird reasons that the National Taxpayers Union loves the TPP

August 05, 2016

by Michael Stumo

The National Taxpayers Union criticizes the six Congressmen who voted for TPA but recently signed a letter opposing a TPP vote this year. CPA was a significant part of that effort to get them on the letter because the only thing that is guaranteed to kill the TPP is a whip count that prevents it from coming up for a vote.

Note their off-the-wall criticism says (1) currency manipulation doesn’t matter and we would be challenged if we do anything; and (2) trade agreements’ facilitation of imports are the best thing ever (Adam Smith says so!). I didn’t realize NTU was a card carrying member of the trade-deficits-for-growth club. The Cato Institute and American Enterprise Institute are also a part of this club.

They should test their theory by arguing to the Chinese, Germans and Japanese that they should grow by way of trade deficits rather than trade surpluses. Instead of burdening us with their destructive theories.

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