About the Coalition for a Prosperous America

We believe America can provide good jobs for workers, affordable goods for consumers, opportunities for farms and manufacturers and a clean environment without compromising our national sovereignty and security. The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) believes in working for a new and positive U.S. trade policy that delivers prosperity and security to America, its citizens, farms, factories and working people.

The CPA is a nonprofit organization representing the interests of 4.1 million households through our board and our members. To which include a diverse group to include Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Conservatives, and Liberals. We are an unrivaled coalition of manufacturing, agricultural, worker, consumer and citizen interests, working together to rebuild an America for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.


The mission of the Coalition for a Prosperous America is to advocate the implementation of strategic trade, tax and growth policies so our members can prosper. CPA is the only national organization representing exclusively domestic producers across many sectors. We are a bipartisan coalition of farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, and labor organizations that make and grow things in the United States. Our members believe that America’s strength and well being is based upon growing America’s productive capacity and quality employment more than cheap consumption.


CPA intends to become the most influential research and advocacy organization in the country working at the intersection of trade, tax, jobs and growth. Our members’ vision is an America that wins the global competition for good jobs and industries through innovative strategies that grow industry and agriculture, balance trade, protect national security, achieve broadly shared prosperity.

I love the CPA. I’ve been involved with them almost since the beginning. I got involved with CPA to be a voice for smart trade and tax policy. We needed somebody to speak up for the voice of the smaller manufacturer who really is the majority of the employment in the US.

Zach Mottl, Atlas Tool and Die

quote-05.pngCPA is an entity that actually works across both Republicans and Democrats. It’s an organization that actually reaches out to find the high middle ground, the common good, to actually fix our trade in a way that isn’t a red or a blue issue. This is actually an issue that we need to come together on. I’ve seen that CPA has done that.

Bill Jones, Penn United Technologies