WND: Paul Ryan -- whose speaker would he be?

October 21, 2015


The House of Representatives must soon choose a new speaker, and some are pushing Paul Ryan as the “smart” choice.

[Reposted from WND  |  Curtis Ellis  |  October 16, 2015]

Let’s consider what a Ryan speakership would look like.

John Boehner was detested because he ran the House of Representatives in an authoritarian style.

Confronted with the choice of letting members represent the views of their districts or cramming stuff down their throats, Speaker Boehner brought out the feeding tube and the Vaseline.

Paul Ryan promises to double down on Boehner’s leadership style.

Ryan has signaled he will run only if no one opposes him. He expects members to promise to fall in line with his agenda.

Well, here’s what we can expect Speaker Ryan to push:

Open borders: Paul Ryan is an open borders man. “He has spent his entire adulthood ideologically connected to the open borders crowd. Open borders is in his ideological DNA,” Roy Beck, president of the immigration control organization Numbers USA, told Breitbart. “Open borders seeps out of every pore of his being.”

Ryan was behind the Gang of Eight “immigration reform” plan hatched by Sen. Marco Rubio, and it’s telling that arch-immigration advocate Rep. Luis Gutierrez has endorsed Ryan for speaker.

ObamaTrade: Ryan led the fight to get Congress to surrender its constitutional authority and give Obama “fast track” trade promotion authority. Fast track greases the skids for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the international regulatory scheme Obama promises will “write the rules for world’s economy.” TPP will come before Congress next year, and having already inserted the fast track feeding tube in Congress’ throat, Ryan will fill it with this globalist glop.

Crony capitalism: Ryan supported the Wall Street bailout. It makes perfect sense as the Wall Street-Washington-cronies’ man on the Hill.

Business as usual: Paul Ryan supported the big-government, budget-busting Medicare prescription drug plan. As for his ballyhooed budget plan, there was one small problem: It balanced the budget in 40 years. (One might imagine in that far-off time the ruby mines of Mars would provide much-needed revenue.)

It’s amusing how the corporatist media describe those opposing Ryan as “radical extremists.”

It’s amusing because if you look at Ryan’s record and his stated stand on the issues, you see it is Ryan who represents an extreme, radical minority within the Republican Party.

This radical globalist minority supports a European Union-style free flow of people, goods and investment in a borderless world.

The overwhelming majority of Republican voters take the moderate position that we must control immigration, have fair trade, not free trade and do what’s best for our nation, the United States of America.

Poll after poll shows that the people who show up to vote Republican reject EU globalism. They believe in borders, nationalism and immigration and trade policies that put American citizens first.

Aren’t the majority of Republicans entitled to leadership that represents their views?

How sustainable is it for the Republican Party to be led by people who support more immigration and outsourcing when the majority of GOP voters, and in fact the majority of all voters, reject these positions by large margins?

Republicans making Paul Ryan speaker of the House would be like Democrats electing a leader that supports abolishing Social Security, defunding Planned Parenthood and repealing Obamacare, all positions rejected by the majority of the party’s rank and file.

Considering his stand on immigration and trade, we can say Paul Ryan would make a great speaker – for the Democrats.

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