WSJ: New Push to Win Backing for Pacific Trade Bill

May 01, 2015


Obama and GOP leaders intensify push to win votes after warning that support in the House may be lacking

[Reposted from the Wall Street Journal  |  William Mauldin and Siobhan Hughes  |  April 30, 2015]

President Barack Obama and Republican leaders intensified their push Thursday to win votes for major trade legislation after lawmakers warned of insufficient support in the House.

The legislation needed to enact a sweeping Pacific trade agreement is facing a rebellion from some conservative Republicans and most Democrats, jeopardizing what had long been seen as one of the few major areas of cooperation between the parties this year.

Mr. Obama on Thursday hosted about 30 pro-business Democrats eyed as a source of votes for so-called fast-track legislation, which would guarantee a later vote on the trade deal under negotiation with Japan and 10 other countries, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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